16-year-old girl was force into prostitution by female pimp in a cheap motel rooms.

A New Jersey pimp confessed on the trial that she was keeping a 16-year-old girl in captivity

The young girl was sex slave and forced to have sex with strangers close to a truckstop. The girl was threatened with serious physical violence if she didn’t want to obey and having sex with the clients , the pimp beat her.

“This defendant threatened a 16-year-old girl with violence to keep her trapped in a hellish life of sexual slavery,” police said.

“This is a classic case of human trafficking, in which the perpetrators isolated and intimidated a vulnerable victim so they could exploit her for their profit.”

An undercover officer found the young prostitute ad on the internet then called the added number.The offering of the young girl for “full sex” was $160. After this the police raid the hotel.



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