7 year-old girl was sex slave of her father

Layla Bell

54 year-old Raymond Prescott had used his daughter as sex slave for twenty years in Nottingham. The sexual abuse started when the girl reached the age of six.

According to a medical expert the father has serious alcohol problem and mental disease because he was molested and also beaten every day by his father at his childhood. 

31 year-old Layla Bell as a little girl did not understand  what had been happening with her until she grew up. When she was 16 told about her dark story to his boyfriend who asked her to set up a hidden cam to  record her father’s violence behave. 

With the help of her boyfriend everything was reported to the police showing all of the evidence. The police raid him at his home and charged him with sexual abuse against underaged child. 

Finally he was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. 





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