About Junkie Prostitutes

There’re several types of prostitutes, according to any classification model, among which sdrug-addicted sex-workers is a common subcategory.

According to Rachel Morgan, a former prostitute who wrote the book Paid For – My journey Through Prostitution, we can group junkie-prostitutes into two subgroups: one is those women who become prostitutes for the high income that they’ll spend on drugs.

The other subgroup starts their career without addiction to any drugs but they’ll later become users. They say they’ve turned to drugs to block out the horror of life in the sex industry. Some prostitutes seem unable to cope with the stress in the profession, which is especially true of the lower-quality sex-providers.

According to a former junkie-prostitute, it’s the psychological torment of dealing with the daily reality of having your body mauled, poked and penetrated.



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