Arrested prostitute’s interview

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Nine women has been arrested with the charged of prostitution during a two-day investigation in Harlingen. One arrested woman shares her story with Michelle Vargas.


“It’s easy money and it’s just that’s the bottom line, there is not much sugar coating,” Stephanie said. “It’s just getting me through every day. It’s helped me raise my kids. I feel I have raised them right”

Stephanie faces a prostitution charge, a Class B demerit. She says she recalls only interacting with one man, whom she met in a hotel room.

“When I got there, that’s when he asked how much I charge, and I say, ‘I take donations’,” said Stephanie. “That’s when he took out a stack of money and taking out what I asked for, and I said ‘I don’t want it, you can leave it there.”

Shortly after, Stephanie says police officers rushed inside the hotel room and arrested her. Despite the incident, Stephanie says she doesn’t want to stop to work as a prostitute.

“I’m going to be an engineer,” said Stephanie. “I am going to have my businesses no matter how people label me. It is what it is– it’s part of my life, it’s part of my journey, it’s part of who I am. I am not going to change for anybody.”




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