Dubai Overrun with Prostitutes

Nowadays there are so many prostitutes working in Dubai that they could fill up entire cities in Britain, if we take into consideration that the number of prostitutes is about 30,000 out of a population of around 1.5 million in Dubai.

With a similar ratio in Britain, for instance, can you imagine big cities like Glasgow or Leeds where the residents are all prostitutes from babies to pensioners? It’s incredible. But where do they work? The question is important because there are very strict religious regulations even on the display of affection between husbands and wives, so how is it possible that so many prostitutes are operating there without getting caught? Of course, they don’t do it overtly. Most of them work in bars of big, five-star hotels. They’re just sitting around waiting for potential sex-buyers, who know where to find them. The bars are happy about them soliciting hotel guests there because consumption is promoted this way. After picking up clients they do the business in the hotel. It means they can keep a low profile as everything goes on within the walls of the hotel. The hotel doesn’t complain about the sex business. On one hand, hotel bars enjoy higher consumption due to the fact that is the place where they pick up guests during which they tend to spend a lot on drinks.

Punters often visit hotels bars as they know very well that’s the place where they can find prostitutes in safe conditions. On the other hand, the guests also pay for the room where the sexual services take place.

So why shouldn’t hotels like it all happening within their walls?



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  1. I have just a question? Where is the radical religion of Dubai? Unless I’m mistaken, Dubai’s main religion is the Islam…. According to this statement Dubai has to fight against the prostitution! What have did they so far? Nothing…. false…

    • Welcome to the real world man!!!You know, the prostitution is the world’s biggest business, and the rich peoples usually like to pay for the sex irrespectively of their religion.

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