Farída Khalaf used to be a sex slave of the Islamic State – now she is writing a book about it

Farída Khalaf

Somewhere in a small North Iraqi village a Yazidi girl had been living a “decent and peaceful” life until her late eighteens, when Islamic radicals have looted the village and killed the majority of the inhabitants there; they also took the young boys for soldiers, and the young girls for sex slaves.

It is a common method with the Islamic groups that the people who are captured from the territories that have been conquered by terrorists are trafficked. In fact, they have slave markets for this very purpose! The slaved women are sex slaves and prostitutes, mere tools of sexual pleasure, whose life depends on their owners.

Luckily, Farída managed to escape, and her relatives who lived in Germany could take her in with the help of the country. The girl found a reporter who works for a newspaper and she was able to work with her and write down her story, which can already be bought from the book-stores!



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