Frightened escorts in Stockholm


The new wave of migration is moving hundreds of thousands or even millions of people towards Europe, and brings with it a lot of negative effects.

Most of us still try to look at things from a realist’s perspective, and try to accept people with different backgrounds, religions, and cultures, but the questions is this: are we going to be able to live with them?

This question has really gained importance after the sexual offences against European women started.

Let us remember New Years Eve in 2015, where more than 500 women reported that they were sexually harassed by migrant groups in Munich!

We have more and more information about migrants who rob and beat women and escorts in Stockholm! Not only reports, but forums on the Internet also mention this many times! The dark skinned – allegedly African – migrant groups attack these poor escort girls and in addition robbing them, they beat them brutally! There were girls who were beat up bloody! We do not yet know of any sexual harassments or rape, but it is only a matter of time!

With the weather becoming milder as the spring arrives Europe shortly has to fight of even bigger migrant waves than before. Europe and the countries where the migrants are transported and settled will need to prepare for harsh times, as the naively selfless help will often results in abuse and causes violence!



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  1. Your words are true. Million refugees wanna live, stay, and work in Europa. This is not problem, but first they have to assimilate European culture, and try to live according to our rules.

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