Girl held captive was forced to have sex with more than a hundred man a day

A fourteen years old little girl was held captive and forced into prostitution for 6 years continuously by Albanian human traffickers in Athens!

The young girl met with the “agent” when she was on holiday, then soon she fell in love with him according her statement. The man took advantage of the naive girl, and invited her to live with him in his flat in Athens, ad he told her that he would get a job for her as well. The girl then was handed over to her “boss” on her second day in Athens, who then forced her to have sex with tens of clients a day.

According to the girl there were days when she had to satisfy more than a hundred clients! Her “bosses” also made sure that her mother has received regular updates on her “well-being” and daily life in Athens through emails that they wrote in her name, they made it look like she was perfectly happy with her new life!

After her escape, even a book was written about her story.



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