A Dublin prostitute’s case

More and more prostitutes have begun to complain recently about how punters’ behaviour is changing.

They tend to be more aggressive and violent with stranger and stranger sexual demands due to watching online porn.

This is what a Dublin prostitute says who’s been gang-raped anally so brutally in a hotel room, Dublin that she was taken hospital after the incident and her case is presented in a book on prostitution

(Paid For – My Journey Through Prostitution by Rachel Moran).

The problem wasn’t just that a group of men had an intercourse with her through her anus but they also forced different oversized objects into her rectum that injured her.

She also mentions that sexual bully is common in the profession like deep throat while the prostitute’s suffocating. She says punters don’t care much about prostitutes, they just keep pushing the penis down sex-workers’ throat. As deep as possible, punters don’t mind if the prostitute cannot take breath, as the only thing they want is push the cock as deep as possible, at every expense.

She’s convinced this is because of the internet porn, saying Internet porn’s had a massive influence, not only on what punters want from a prostitute, but also on the way they behave. Being in the trade for quite a long time, she remembers when this change in demand and behaviour started and she says it took place when the internet started off. She often asks her clients where they’ve heard about this and that new thing

(like pushing the prostitutes’ eyes while giving deep-throat)

and they’ll say on the internet. The poor prostitute once went on the internet where she began watching videos and immediately she realized in some scenes that was how she’d been raped.



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