Not Uncommon Psychological Problem Among Prostitutes


Former prostitutes often have post traumatic stress disorder – this is what the former prostitute, now expert on the topic, Rachel Moran states in her popular book.

Symptoms can be nightmares, constant sensation of skin-crawling, and the most dangerous one is disassociation. It develops when a prostitute feels her body doesn’t belong to her as so many people use it. She feels as if she’s been squeezed out of her own body. This is a sort of latent aversion to male sexual organ, penis, which penetrates her body, driving away her soul. But where has her soul gone? Into an imaginary body. She feels that’s her real body where she can be intact from slimy and always demanding penises.

The imaginary body is a shelter for her where she can feel safe from painful penetrations and constant humiliations. Another way to detach herself from prostitution is to imagine another person who does the dirty job. This has happened to a prostitute in Dublin, Ireland, whose case is included in the book. She went to see a therapist to treat her symptoms. When she entered the counselling room she asked another chair so that her alter ego, the dissociated part of her personality in the imaginary body could also take a seat.

This other personality was who got paid for sex. The real person said to the therapist that she had nothing to do with prostitution.



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