Hidden sex cave in Asia

Bangladesh is right in the middle of an extremely poor region between Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar. In addition to child labour, women forced into slavery, and drug dealing, prostitution is also a popular type of organized crime.


According to certain sources nearly 200 000 women live from prostituting themselves in the Muslim country. The date does not specify how many of these women are forced into prostitution. Women are taken away, bought and sold as if they were some kind of product, sometimes they are bought as children because the parents need money and they simply sell them to human traffickers. The average price is around 200 Euros. That is how much a young girl costs.
peniaze-sex-prostitutka-banglades-bordel-nevestinec-hashi (1)

Those children and young girls, who arrive to the brothels skinny and malnourished, are feed steroids which are usually given to cows. This makes them strong and durable, which makes it possible for them to serve 15-20 men a day.

peniaze-sex-prostitutka-banglades-bordel-nevestinec-hashi (2)



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