Robotized prostitutes take over sex industry


Due to fast developing android technologies, sex robots are becoming more and more realistic.They seem to resemble female human beings so much that some of them are impossible to distinguish from real women at first sight.

It is a fact now that modern silicon technology can imitate the touch of human skin, but the change now is in the robot programming. New sex robots are capable of being programmed to imitate the human sexual behaviour, especially the stages of getting the partner sexually aroused.

For example, these new cutting edge robots do not simply operate like rubber sex-dolls, but they require to get excited before the intercourse and they are also capable of enticing men by ogling, touching and caressing them.

They have an own lubrication system that turns on when it senses sexual excitement therefore it is important not to treat them as a simple sex-doll. There are not just female sex-robots on the sex market but male ones as well, because a strong market demand can be observed for robotized male lovers.

The big achievement of male sex robots is the bionic penis that can be erected for as long as the femaleowner wants it. So far there has been a high demand for vibrators and dildos, but if they are fixed on nice male bodies, the demand will drop for the toys and dramatically increase for male sex dolls, as an expert predicts.





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