Danish man charged with ordering live stream sex abuse

A 70-year-old Danish man has been charged with purchasing illegal sexual content containing numerous child rape and sex abuse shows on the internet via live stream from third-world countries, where each abuse usually costs the predator no more than $40 to employ adults to participate in the abuses.

The man was charged with 346 counts of indirect participation (as a viewer) in the sexual assaults or rapes of minors. The criminal was arrested in Copenhagen’s suburb of Brondby, and it took the prosecutors, in cooperation with cyber police, a whole year to collect and process all the evidence and to finally charge the suspect in this historic scale case.

According to Flemming Kaerside, an officer of the Danish National Police’s Cyber Crime Centre this is the first case in the world in which one person is charged with so many assaults. The indictment is reportedly a massive, 119-page long document, depicting quite disturbing details of the alleged acts of sexual abuse.

The suspect allegedly has paid quite a modest sum to adults – usually not more than 280 kroner (approx. $40) – to have children sexually abused. Some shows involved parents molesting their own children, while in other cases minors were forced to perform sexual acts on each other. In one case, for example, a four-year-old girl was violated by her mother on demand of the alleged man, while in another underage victim, a three year-old-girl was forced to perform oral sex on a five-year-old girl.

It’s not the first time that paedophiles in Denmark have been caught not only ‘collecting’ child pornography, but actually purchasing or ordering it online. The main targets for such predators are children from poor countries. It is, however, quite hard to provide evidence for such activities if perpetrators do not store recording data on their computers.

In March 2015, for instance, ten people were arrested during an investigation of a similar case, but nine of them were released almost immediately due to lack of evidence.




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