The number of arrested young prostitutes is growing in London

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According to police reports, the number of arrested prostitutes in London has grown by 191% in the past 5 years!

The report includes those arrests between 2010 and 2014, where the prostitutes were younger than 25 years. All types of prostitutes have been included in the report, the street walkers, hookers and the prostitutes who work in brothels and private apartments!

So why do so many young women decide to take up this profession and become a prostitute? Most of these women are not locals but usually from a foreign country, mainly from Eastern Europe. Many of them try their luck alone, by renting a private room or apartment and starting working as a prostitute or escort, but lots of girls arrive to the country with pimps!

Most of the girls who have been asked about their choice of life responds with a simple reason; they need money for their university tuition fee, and they can finance their studies from prostitution!



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