We are very anxious to see the long awaited movie about the former head of IMF who was a “prostitute-addict”


The Warner Bros is preparing a big thing behind the scenes! The life and the affairs of the former head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be the base of a new movie!

In addition to his usual prostitution scandal, he was also part of an investigation into the case of a maid, who has been raped, allegedly. His name was also associated with pimping activities, although in July 2015 he has been cleared of all the charges.

We are greatly exited about this movie, especially as the screenplay was written by Ben Kopit, who starred in only two films before in his life, in addition to writing another screenplay.

His success and previous roles are not exactly talked about in superlatives, but who knows, perhaps his time has finally come.



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