What is the matter with prostitution in Nottingham?

According to a 2015 BBC report, prostitution has decreased by 80% in the little English town of Nottingham during the last decade!

Despite of this, a recent police report states that the street prostitution is not included in this study, and they added, that prostitution on the streets has in fact grown a little.

By the current law it is a criminal offence to buy and use sexual services, and the very same law also states, that the police can arrest those persons, who would like to use the services of a prostitutes.

By making and enforcing this law and these rules they have managed to “push” the prostitutes to the agglomeration and into the outer boroughs – instead of clearing prostitution out of the city – so it is much harder for them to get caught. But because of this, the number of crimes committed against prostitutes have increased slightly, as the prostitutes are more vulnerable to attacks in these less populated areas.



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